Outsourcing your social media marketing

The decision to outsource your social media marketing can be a daunting one since no one understands your brand and business better than you do. The marketing agency you hire must be trustworthy, understand your business and brand objectives and be capable of getting your message across to your target audience effectively. Social media marketing is a highly effective way to increase your customers and achieve your marketing goals, while establishing your brand. Here are suggestions to help you successfully outsource your social media marketing:

  • Strategise and plan together

Outsourcing does not end with providing a brief. Even if the agency you hire handles your social media marketing, make sure that you are fully involved in the strategy planning process. Listen to the agency’s ideas and together, determine which of these are feasible for your own business. Communicate your goals clearly to the agency so that they understand your objectives and help you achieve them. Be actively involved and have a detailed plan of action.

  • Maintain a consistent voice

Let your social media marketing agency know the unique voice you would like to adopt in your communication so that they can maintain it. If you already have a social media campaign in progress, your agency can take a look at your previous posts to get an idea of what tone of voice to use. Help the agency learn more by sharing your marketing and promotional material, newsletters and other company material so that a unified voice can be developed.

  • Establish norms

Create guidelines and rules for your social media marketing campaign. If there are certain taboo topics, competitors or words that you want to avoid, let the agency know. This can prevent problems later. Let the agency know which topics to focus on and ask for their ideas as well. Offer a list of your favourite websites, blogs and other web pages you are interested in connecting with or referring to.

  • Keep your social media agency informed

Make sure your social media manager is aware of events in your organisation as this will influence the content you post in your social media networks. If you plan to launch a sale or promotional event, let your agency know so that you can leverage social media to get the best ROI.

  • Feedback

After you have the above in place, ensure that you offer feedback, both good and bad. This should be in specific terms so that improvements can be made where necessary.

Social media is proving to be a marketing platform to be taken seriously. Leveraged in the right way, it spells major benefits for your business, whether you outsource the process or do it yourself.  Establish a comfortable business relationship with your social media agency for smooth sailing.