Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury

Vidya researches, writes, and edits content for Twenty3Media clients.

Vidya has had an interesting career path. She graduated as a Science major, but opted to explore the corporate world. She started her career as project assistant in a multinational company, after which her progression into advertising, marketing, sales and then training seemed natural. In a little over a decade, armed with an MBA degree, she grew to regional head for a UK based company. She chose to retire at 33 to focus on family.

After her son was born, her passion for writing inspired her to start working from home. Today, she enjoys juggling four jobs: parenting, writing and editing, blogging, and serving on the board of an independent ethics committee that evaluates protocols for human clinical trials. With several published contributions across the web and in book anthologies, she manages six award-winning blogs of her own.

Vidya believes she has the best of all worlds: a wonderful family, friends, work she enjoys, and time for her hobbies. She adores coffee, music, books, cooking, writing, DIY, travel, sketching, Instagram, and photography. When not busy with client work, she’s plotting ways to show her diabetes who’s boss, tackling housework cheerfully, entertaining children, walking, planning a trip, or clicking a zillion photos.

Vidya says, “As my first direct overseas client in 2011, Twenty3Media holds a very special place in my heart. I love the precise work briefs, diverse clientele, excellent communication, and the camaraderie I share with the team.”

She wants to know: Did you smile today?