Tihana Lalic

Tihana Lalic
Social media content creator

Tihana paints pictures with words.

She is an avid reader and followed her passion for writing via what started as an accidental freelance gig and turned into a paying job, during her English language and literature studies. For the past 7 years, she has been working as a copywriter and social media manager helping IT firms and marketing agencies make their mark on the World Wide Web.

Tihana absolutely relishes the experience of shaping the message and painting images with nothing but words, playing with the language, bending the content to her bidding and creating something entirely new. She enjoys the creativity and freedom to express her thoughts. At the end of the day, she is thrilled that she gets to earn her livelihood from something that does not even feel like work.

Tihana’s idea of joy is the aroma of freshly made coffee, the sight of the sunshine playing hide and seek with her window blinds, fine sand between her toes, the lulling sound of waves hugging the Mediterranean coast, bedazzling samba beats, and the familiar muzzle of a beloved tail-wagger nudging her to pay the tribute of love in belly rubs.

She loves strawberry cheesecake, and when she is not working, she has fun dancing to the Latin beats and consuming endless amounts of strawberry cheesecakes.

Tihana says, “I love being part of the Twenty3Media team. The diversity, and the fact that we are from all over the world is wonderful. We are so different, yet easily complement each other’s abilities. We are the multicultural puzzle pieces who come together to create the perfectly assembled whole, that’s Twenty3Media”