Mid-way through 2013, time to audit your marketing strategy

We are halfway through 2013 and it feels like the year is flying by. In terms of your marketing strategy, you should have seen some tangible results by now – and have reached a number of your marketing objectives. This will be true if you have been consistent in the implementation of your marketing strategy, and if you measured all your marketing actions.

June is a good month to do an audit of your 2013 marketing strategy to determine where you’re at, what needs to change and how you’re going to move forward. Perhaps you included a ‘wild card’ marketing tactic in your strategy and it has shown great ROI? If this is the case, you should tweak your marketing strategy for the rest of the year to include the same (or similar) marketing tactics. That is the beauty of today’s marketing landscape, changes can be made fairly quickly – especially in your online marketing strategy.

If you haven’t been consistently implementing your marketing strategy, do not fret. There are 6 months of the year left but the time to start working on your strategy is NOW. Take time to review the strategy as it may be outdated (it was after all written anything from 6 to 9 months ago) and revise where necessary. Set tangible marketing objectives for yourself as well as action points – as they saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begin with one step. Take a few small steps every day and soon these steps will add up and show ROI.