6 free tools for creating awesome visuals

Did you know that 90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual? Including visuals in your marketing is a must, to help engage your visitors and grab the attention of potential customers.

This may seem daunting at first – especially if you didn’t go to school for design or don’t do it on a day-to-day basis – luckily, with technology these days, you can find a tool online for just about anything.

As you start to look for these tools, you’ll notice that each tool has their pros and cons – some are free, some you need to pay for and for almost all of them you’ll need to create an account. Take a look at our list below, and see what our favourites are!


Piktochart is one of the easiest tools to use to create infographics. Pick a template or start from scratch. The web app has over 100 customizable themes, and it doesn’t stop at infographics – create reports, banners, and presentations as well.

Piktochart is free to use with an account.



Canva is probably one of the most popular online platforms. Canva features pre-designed graphics that allow you to drag and drop photos, text, and other elements into the visual area.

Canva is best used to create infographics, menus, flyers, magazine covers, collages, and social media graphics.

There is a free version but you will need to create an account. Paid versions start at $9.95



PicMonkey has been around for a while but is still relevant as a visual aid. Edit images, create collages, add text and utilize beautiful overlays. Save, download, and share across social networks. PicMonkey has a free version, as well as paid versions.


Pixlr is one of our team’s favourites and has a series of web apps. Pixlr Editor is set up much like Photoshop, while Pixlr Express is a quick and easy photo editor that will enhance your photos exponentially. For the non-designer, these apps can really help you step up your photo game when creating social media updates and blog posts.

In addition to their web apps, Pixlr has a mobile version so you can always create images fast, on the go!

Pixlr is 100% free – just one more reason to love it!


Snapseed is an app for your mobile device. It’s one of our go-to apps while on the go in addition to Pixlr’s mobile app. Create stunning photos right in the palm of your hand. Apply filters, use super cool effects, and even lay text over your images.

Snapseed is free – just download it from your app store!

Social Image Resizer

We’ve added this tool because sometimes you need a specific size for your social media posts and it can get a little tricky. Upload your image into this tool and then just choose where you plan to post it – it will automatically crop the photo to the size needed! 100% free to use.

In conclusion, there are many apps available – and you don’t have to have a design background to create wonderful images! Try them out, let us know your favourites, and share any other apps you’ve come across that you like.