How South African brands use Instagram

Instagram started out as a platform for users using it more for personal reasons than businesses using it for marketing purposes.

However, these days brands understand the value of Instagram – and how to successfully integrate it with their marketing strategies. Instagram has become the ‘newest’ way to connect with target audiences by sharing visually attractive photos with short messages.

Researchers found that 92% of luxury brands who post an average of 5.5 times a week will show an increase in their customer base. (You can view the report here). So how can you utilize this amazing platform? Here are a few tips on how to use Instagram for your business:

  • Monitor your Instagram account constantly. Every mention you receive is a chance to engage with your audience.
  • Share the love. Don’t expect people to like and comment on all of your photos and you don’t return the favour. Be interactive and engaging – this is a fantastic way to grow your following.
  • Use hashtags. Give your audience a topic / subject to photograph and a hashtag to use. There is no better way to grow your audience and to engage with them than a competition where people can win a prize.
  • If you are already using hashtags on other social media platforms, use them on Instagram too. Keep in mind that hashtags used on a platform like Twitter might not have the same power when used on Instagram. Do research on the most appropriate hashtags to use (the ones your audience is looking for) to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Include your customers and employees. Get customers to show how they use your product and / or services. You can also do this from your side by taking a picture of your customers and showing your audience how others experience your brand. Another option is to feature images of your employees having a good time on the job – this is a good way to humanize your brand.
  • Reward your followers with discount codes or promotions unique to Instagram.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of our favorite brands on Instagram and how they leverage the platform. These are some of South Africa’s top brands using Instagram:


This is South Africa’s top brand on Instagram. They are very successful in their social media efforts and if you take a look at their Instagram account you will see why. They engage with their followers and they also include their staff and customers in their feed. In addition to this they also feature new products, post inspirational quotes and photos of their yummy looking food.

Topshop South Africa

Topshop has over 16 000 followers. They use relevant hashtags, which is most likely one of the reasons why they are so successful. They also engage with followers, but not on the same level as Woolworths.


We just love Nifty250’s profile! Their images are alluring, and you just can’t stop scrolling down to view more. Nifty250 is very interactive on Instagram – commenting and liking on photos on a regular basis.


They do an excellent job of including their staff and followers in their posts. They humanize their service on a very appealing level.

South African Tourism

Go take a look at their profile page, it is very impressive. The photos you will find there will make you fall in love with South Africa all over again. They use relevant hashtags and include followers by mentioning the person who took the photo.

If your brand is not yet using Instagram, what are you waiting for? If you need help incorporating Instagram with your current marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch with our team for advice.