Gabrielle Chiddy

Gabrielle Chiddy
Graphic designer

Gabrielle is adept at keeping her finger on the pulse of each project, coordinating and facilitating every aspect, eventually resulting in customer delight. She enjoys interacting and communicating with the Twenty3Media team, from allocating assignments to ensuring deadlines are met, to delivering gentle nudges, to bringing it all together in a successfully completed project. In addition to ensuring that projects run smoothly, Gabrielle is also the brains behind design work at Twenty3Media.

Gabrielle graduated from Buffalo State College, in Buffalo, New York with a bachelors degree in public communication, minoring in women and gender studies, and a concentration in design. Although her career began in fund development and marketing strategy with startups, she gravitated towards graphic design, finding her niche in design.

Gabrielle is motivated by the idea of helping small non-profits reach their potential and grow as organizations. She loves the brand building process, and while direct sales isn’t really what she wants to do, she is intrigued by the idea of selling a business.

When not strategizing or designing, Gabrielle likes to read, hike, and travel. In her spare time she powerlifts, and recently completed her first meet, where she came in first place in her weight class. She lives with her cat Marlo, whom she adores (meow)! Gabrielle enjoys experimenting with new foods, beer and wine, exploring places and taking photos, and aims to experience life at its full potential.

About working with the rest of the Twenty3Media team and clients, Gabrielle says, “I love the diversity of clients we work with. It is nice to get away from my mundane full-time job to get involved in new and exciting projects. I enjoy the agency-type atmosphere here.”