Is your digital marketing strategy getting the return on investment you want?

While most businesses invest in a digital marketing strategy, after their initial efforts, most of them find it hard to continue to implement the strategy.

The most common reasons for this are a lack of human resources or specialist skills. Often, a tight marketing budget is also a crucial factor.

Why measure digital marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI is the measurement of the marketing activity’s impact on sales. It lets the marketer understand where to increase or decrease advertising investment, so that they can maximise the return on their investment. Moreover, it enables the marketer get more sales at the same cost, or get the same sales at a lower cost. By measuring ROI, investment can be allocated to marketing activities that bring the most sales.

Measuring ROI involves the setting of goals, determining the right platforms, tracking and monitoring, reviewing and assessing results and resetting goals. It includes:

  • The use of the appropriate tools like web analytics, which is critical in determining the performance of investment in digital platforms, and
  • Optimizing processes that are essential to collecting the right measurements.

At Twenty3Media, we have the expertise and skill sets required to assist you in creating digital marketing strategies that work, along with the tools and techniques for measuring marketing ROI to ensure you get the best value for your marketing investment.

A strategic digital marketing plan that is implemented in a timely manner and managed efficiently can show significant ROI – making the cost of outsourcing the creation and implementation worthwhile. Investing in a specialist team to create and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business may be your best business investment this year.

Interested in maximising your marketing ROI and achieving your business and marketing goals? Get in touch with our team.