Content marketing strategy and content creation

Content marketing has proven to be one of the strongest strategies online to achieve marketing goals, and its role as King is established by the popularity of social media platforms. Today, one of the biggest challenges faced by brands is to find ways to entice and engage their internet-savvy audience.

Our comprehensive content strategies are based on your digital marketing goals and target audience. Here’s our process:

– Analyse current marketing efforts to determine which activities to focus on, and what to eliminate
– Redefine and thoroughly research your target audience to determine their wants and needs, the platforms or channels they use and frequent, and how they use them
– We do a situational analysis to determine the channel objectives and metrics for measurement, as well as the content management process
– Lastly, we finalise the types of content and frequency of posting, followed by the actual content creation and development, with specific calls to action. An editorial calendar is created for efficient implementation.

We create a content marketing strategy that engages the client’s customers and prospects, building loyal, meaningful and long-term relationships. The digital marketing tactics we use are specifically aligned with the client’s marketing goals to ensure business success.

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